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high energy cat breeds


high energy cat breeds

Postby admin » Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:44 pm

#1 – Abyssinian


Considered to be the athlete of the feline world, Abyssinians live for fun! They are known to play like kittens well into their older years. They’d rather run than nap, and enjoy spending this time with their owners.

#2 – Japanese Bobtail


The Japanese Bobtail is a unique breed known for its love of water. They’re friendly and active, and enjoy swimming as well as playing fetch with their owners! Many people think they’re much more like dogs than cats!

#3 – American Shorthair


This is another breed that falls into favor among dog lovers due to their social and playful personalities. They can also be taught to play fetch and enjoy going for walks with their owners. If you feel like hanging out inside, American Shorthairs are perfectly fine running around the house by themselves.

#4 – Turkish Angora


This beautiful breed has a fun-loving personality and will try to get you to play all day long. They enjoy going for walks with their owners or playing with toys throughout the house and yard. They also find great fun in snuggling with their owners, making them a great family companion for children.

#5 – Manx


Manx is another bob-tailed cat breed that thoroughly enjoys spending every waking moment with their owners. They aren’t known to nap often, and can be taught to go on walks and car rides with their owners and are pleased to meet strangers as well.
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