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1001 weird cat logic habits


1001 weird cat logic habits

Postby admin » Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:43 pm

http://www.hrtwarming.com/10-weird-cat- ... ring-more/

#1. Chattering at Birds
Cats make a clacking sound when they see doves fly past! This has been explained to be because cats have a killing and hunting instinct and this can be exhibited when they see birds fly by. They love staring at birds and making animate sounds. There are instances when they attack and eat these birds as well. Do not be surprised to find a dead bird in your back yard, it could well be the work of your pet cat!

#2. Head Butting
Believe it or not cats love to head butt and find this a rather fun activity and exhibit it more often than not. The weird and rare phenomena is called “bunting” and cats who do not perform this are not strange. This is just his way of sharing love and affection! Cats have a funny way of showing thier love and this is one of them.

#3. Brings you dead prey
Cats with the natural instinct of finding prey and eating the same should not be stopped! There will be days you may get a rodent or bird at your feet do not punish your cat for this as this is just his natural behavior pattern instead you can put a bell around your cats neck and make it difficult for him to catch prey.

#4. Chews on plastic and other material
Plastic, dirt, carpeting, wiring, milk jug rings, if your cat eats any of these he/she may have a condition known as pica, which makes the cat anxious or it may stem from gastrointestinal disorders incase this is the case ensure you take your cat to the vet on time to rule out the possibility of a full blown anxiety attack or disorder.

#5. Kneading you
Cats move their paws in a way that you may feel your kitty is giving you a massage. This they learn when they are milking their mother when they are kittens and it continues into their adult hood for a while. In case this happens a bit too often you must speak to the vet about it. Otherwise it is a very normal and regular cat behavior.

#6. Loves Boxes and other small spaces
Cats love to sleep in boxes and curl up in the corner of a sofa and in tiny little spaces. This is not unusual as cats belong to the bigger wild cat family and exhibit this behavior as they do not want to be hunted down by predators and choose not to keep themselves exposed in an open area where they can easily be prey to larger predators. Next time you find your kitty sleeping on a sofa or curled in the box he just doesn’t wanna be hunted down or disturbed.

#7. Stares at you!
The next time your kitty stares at you do not read too much into it! He is basically just wanting his meal or just enjoys the sheer joy that staring has to offer. Cats are usually stubborn and enjoy staring at thier owners and this can get a bit un nerving on several occasions as their cannot be anything more unpleasant than two cold eyes staring at you unflinchingly! Do not worry your cat is just being his/her normal self!

#8. Ignores You
Just like in any loving relationship space forms an integral part in the life of a cat as well! There are times when he will be into you completely and others where he just wont care about your presence and this essentially because he wishes you respect that and give him the due space he needs for him to come and enjoy lap time and cuddles with you when he is ready! Leave kitty alone when he ignores you and be sure hell come around to cuddle you soon.

#9 Does not cover her poop!
This condition may be medical or behavioral. Cats are very clean animals and generally never leave thier poop uncovered but incase they do they may have an underlying illness or an injured paw. Be sure to check the problem before coming to a conclusion or reprimanding your cat. Also see that the litter box is big enough sometimes they find it hard to turn in the box and therefore do not clean the litter.

#10 Cries at night
All you want after a hard days work is a good nights sleep! Your cat may make that a far reality as they have this urge to hunt rodents and insects at the wee hours and cry out in elation on success and sheer frustration if they have a failed attempt. To prevent this make sure your cat has played enough during the day and is tired and does not have the energy to cry out at night!
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