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nails trimming techniques


nails trimming techniques

Postby admin » Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:51 am

Some dogs take nail trimming very seriously and will bite you if you try to trim their nails. If in doubt, don’t do it or use a muzzle to make sure you are safe! Sometimes a muzzle is a good tool simply because it distracts the dog and gives him something else to think about long enough to get his nails trimmed!

Or take your dog to your vet for a nail trim. Your dog may try to take advantage of you by growling, screaming or flailing, but he may not be so bad at the vet and usually there are several people there to help trim his nails. A groomer can usually help too.

I do not recommend sedation and “quicking” the dog or getting the nails super short. Some vets will knock out the dog and trim the nails until they bleed, but I think this is sad and painful. Most dogs hobble around for a few days after they get this done because it hurts. Imagine having all of your toenails or fingernails taken down past the quick and then having to walk on them…OUCH! Plus this can lead to infection.

Super long toe nails can cause your dog’s foot to curl up and his toes to hurt because they can no longer stretch out and touch the ground they way they are genetically intended. This can cause an already arthritic dog to hurt even more! In severe cases, I have even seen the toe nails curl and begin to grow into the dog’s paw pad; this can be especially painful and can cause infection and bleeding when the nail has be trimmed and removed.

I recommend wearing your dog out first. He is much less likely to fight you if he is already sleepy, so I take my dogs for a long hike or walk first and then I wait for him to get comfortable and ready to take a nap.When he begins to doze off, I move in to trim his nails.
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