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http://www.sospecies.org/about_sos/abou ... rld-record

March 14th 2015, SOS partner Freedom’s Darshan the Eagle set a new world record with the highest recorded bird flight from a man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai (829.8 metres). Equipped with a camera on his back Darshan captured stunning images of this world-famous city which were then broadcast live via BBC World. The flight recorded an extraordinary bird’s-eye perspective of the landscape, capturing unique footage. Additionally, to date, the video has accumulated more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. This is an exciting time for SOS and FREEDOM, to see the SOS conservation message reach so many: that by harnessing the inspirational power of nature and wildlife we can rally supporters to the cause of protecting species, their habitats and the people who depend on them. You can watch the video here: Darshan the Eagle, who set the new world record, is an Imperial Eagle and an example of a threatened species which has been successfully rehabilitated through global conservation programmes. Now, this iconic bird acts as an ambassador for threatened animals all over the world – many of which SOS is helping protect through its 87 frontline wildlife conservation projects. Freedom’s Jacques-Olivier Travers - a professional falconer - said: “This was an incredible challenge and the most difficult of my career. Not only is this the highest vertical flight that has ever been done, but the eagle also had to fly in a totally different environment, with strong wind disturbances caused by the skyscrapers." Freedom Co-Founder Ronald Menzel added: “Today represents an historic opportunity for conservation – through these incredible images we are bringing this important cause to the attention of people all across the world.” Freedom’s eagles have flown from iconic landmarks across Europe, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris (301 m) and St. Paul's Cathedral in London, recording unique footage that has attracted record audiences to its conservation efforts.

Images recorded by Freedom’s eagle were the most viewed online animal images of 2013/14. SOS is working to protect dozens of bird species and many other animals and plants as well. Your support and contribution is critical to this cause. Please donate to SOS using the SOS donate button to channel funds directly to wildlife conservation that matters.
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