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Friday, 11 May 2018 18:05
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street cat Cayenne's commercial invoices list (small amount invoices omitted)
to do list - hire software engineers to program web page to improve time and cost efficiency to deal with the donation in between various animal shelters, and hopefully to draw more donation to those shelters with the improvement - adopt more animals and/ or run this operation as a half way house for stray animals - many more, to be updatedmilestones - before 2009, rescue a kitten, bought many kinds of pets but not wild animals, watch a lot of discovery channels - 2009, founded, covers all kinds of medias related to animals - 2015, inspired by AVAAZ, PETA and many others, put more dedication to animal welfares, including blogging, etc.... - 2016, open a pet shop in a mainland China shopping mall, only sell pet products but no pets or wild animals of any kinds. help the stray pets in the shopping mall, provide free services to stray animals, etc.... - 2017, rescue and keep a street cat name Cayenne -2018, shut down my one and only pet shop, as it is hard to make a profit by running a pet shop without selling animals, but I like to keep it that way. And I donate 99% of the inventories to various local charities. At the same time, I also had Cayenne adopted together with his favorite toys and a bunch of stuffs, for free.

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